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You Got Me Talkin' to Myself

by Bennett Neuhauser



Recorded at the legendary Sun Studio at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee, "You Got Me Talkin' to Myself" is a new Bennett Neuhauser original that hearkens back to early Country with humor and heart.


You Got Me Talkin’ To Myself
©2010 Bennett Neuhauser. All rights reserved. BMI.

Who’s gonna listen to this story
Darlin’, now that you have gone?
There’s only one person I can turn to
Since you left me all alone …

You got me talkin’ to myself
And I ain’t likin’ what I’m hearin’
I called myself a dang fool
As I watched you disappearin’
Now my buddies all are wonderin’
‘Bout my state of mental health
You left me cold, without a word
You got me talking to myself

You got me looking in the mirror
Searching for the guy I knew
But, babe, it couldn’t be clearer
That he’s pretty much through
Standing right there in his place
Is an empty book upon a shelf
‘Cause you just up and turned the page
And left me talking to myself

Ooh, baby, I’m talking to myself
‘Bout how to get you back
I’m practicing every word I’ll say
If you give me half a chance

I deserve the silent treatment
I admit that I was wrong
If you won’t let me tell you face to face
Please listen to this song …
You got me talking to myself!


You got me calling out your name
In the middle of the night
Waking all the neighbors’ dogs
Their bark is better than your bite
You got me whisperin’ a prayer
Deeper than I’ve ever felt
‘Cause I’m speaking to your heart
And not just talking to myself

[REPEAT CHORUS, THEN FIRST VERSE AND CLOSE OUT ON: “You got me talking to myself” (3x)


released February 14, 2021
Bennett Neuhauser — Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Mick Danger Parrish — Lead Guitar
Andrew Geraci — Bass Guitar
Graham Winchester — Drums

Daniel Crockett — Sound Engineer, Sun Studio
Matt Qualls — Mixing & Mastering

You Got Me Talkin' to Myself ©2010 & 2020 Bennett John Neuhauser. All rights reserved.
Published (P) 2021 Bennett John Neuhauser & SunSpring Enterprises, Inc.


all rights reserved



Bennett Neuhauser Chicago, Illinois

(aka Ben Sage) carries on the pure lo-fi essence of the pioneers of rock'n'roll, folk and country and blends it with pop and blues influences, and lyrics filled with insights, humor and passion. Bennett Neuhauser is a BMI songwriter who has released 4 CDs to date: In Word and In Deed, Troubadour, Plenty of Gold & The Best of Bennett Neuhauser. ... more

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